I'm thrilled that Reiki is becoming a very mainstream, viable complimentary treatment option in our new age society. It's never in history been as needed as it is today, with our fast paced, stressed out, capitalistic world (which many studies are proving that these are the very things causing so much sickness & dis-ease in our world). Did you know that Reiki is offered in many hospitals now, both for staff & patients? Did you know it's now covered under many Employer Group Health benefit packages? It's so nice to be able to discuss Reiki and it's benefits without people thinking you're a 'weirdo" that's into voodoo, or something of that nature. Everywhere I go, I am  realizing that most people have at least heard of it, even if they have not tried a session of it, Yet. Many who have had Reiki treatments with me are often surprised at how relaxing it is and how beneficial it is to the body/mind/spirit: easing of aches and pains, how relaxed they are, and often how much better they sleep. It's important to share that one of the main benefits of Reiki is that it relaxes the body (and mind). When we are able to relax and sleep better our body is then able to heal itself. So in essence, Reiki helps us to Heal ourself. With this knowledge and the intention to heal, miracles can happen. 

We've all heard how stress affects us, haven't we? Constantly living with stress, also known as that "fight or flight" mode, throws our body into a downward tailspin. Over time, with no relief from this state, it starts to manifests in our bodies as sickness, disease, depression, anxiety...basically the incapacity to live the healthy, happy life, which we have always been intended to live. This continual stress mode means our bodies over produce cortisol, and when this happens, the damage starts to occur. We gain weight, our digestive system fails to function properly, and when this happens we don't digest food properly; we start to lack nutrients...the nutrients that we need for the rest of our body to function optimally. This is when it starts to mainfest in our bodies as sickness. :(  There are many options for holistic ways to reduce stress. Reiki is one option that is extremely beneficial to us.   Try it out and see if its a good fit for your lifestyle! 

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