About Debbie

My mission is to teach and 

inspire you to live a

healthy, vibrant,

and blissful life!

Debbie Johnson, B.A. Psych (YHC - In Training)

Health Coach. Life Guide. Entrepreneur. Transformed mom of three.

I guide busy women who desire to thrive in all your roles, whether you are a
professional, entrepreneur, mother, wife, athlete, or... 
while creating ease in your life, 
and maintaining mind/body connection! 

My Story
I have always had a desire to stay healthy naturally, following the well known earthy ways of our ancestors, staying active and living off the land.
The end goal has always been to age gracefully, without dis-ease or a need for modern medicine well into my 90's. 

This goal has motivated me to stay active and eat well.

However, there was a period of time where, despite my goals, 
stress and chronic fatigue began to take a toll on my life.

Too busy to prioritize myself while pursuing career, raising a busy family that travelled extensively, along with a sick child who required constant monitoring, regular hospital stays and eventually a bone marrow transplant, I started to experience symptoms of chronic fatigue. 

My family doctor tested for thyroid issues, autoimmune disorders, among many tests, 
which served as the wake up call I drastically needed. 
Nothing was found, yet, but I knew if I continued on the same trajectory, it was just a matter of time 
before, like you may have experienced, this lifestyle caught up to me. 

I was on autopilot from 6am to midnight daily, headed for complete breakdown, 
chronically exhausted, with no end in sight. 

Sound familiar?

Our doctor, knowing what my lifestyle entailed, ordered me off work for a period of rest. Wise man! 
That was the turning point to my seeking deeper self care. I knew if I didn't seek help then,
 the chaotic lifestyle would make me sick. I've also discovered deep self care is a lifetime commitment.

I eventually made major lifestyle changes - career change, divorce, move to a new city…all at once. 
Mentally and emotionally, it took a toll on me! 

My experience is what initially lead me to many of the healing modalities I sought on my path to wellness. I began the study of and diligent practice of yoga, breath work, meditation, prayer, along with the use of essential oils in my daily regimen, then Ayurveda, which changed my life drastically, and continues to do so daily in subtle ways.

With an Ayurvedic health coach I was able to get through this challenging period and eventually chose 
to train as a health coach, feeling very compelled to guide other women who found themselves heading down a similar path of self depletion and/or sickness.

Despite the many trials, my basic life motto of
kept me in holding pattern, and was my saving grace until I hired the Ayurvedic health coach, 
where I learned to integrate the foundational teachings of body mind connection, 
which filled in the gaps I was missing.
Additionally, employing the behavioural science behind the power of routine, 
which I'd learned from psychology
and understanding the magnitude which the order of our habits - good and bad - dictate our wellness,
I was able to manoeuvre my way through the lingering mental and emotional fatigue. 

I developed daily practices based on the rhythm of my body that both nurture and energize me! 
I'm now present in my life. 
I'm calm. I have clarity.
I respond to life instead of reacting to it!
I have a "body manual" that works!
I continue on my growth path daily.

I'm confident in my ability to thrive, to keep climbing mountains, as it were.  

Admittedly, it was extremely difficult for me to seek out and trust a mentor or coach, to "Ask for Help", 
as I'd been raised to be self sufficient, strong, stoic...like my ancestors. 

It was implied that asking for help was showing weakness. 
As a busy, professional mother of three, I finally realized that seeking out help and mentoring 
was a sign of strength and courage; not a weakness.

I am forever grateful that I found the yoga health coach tribe, and learned through other mentors,
once I saw the need for it. I strongly encourage others to seek a mentor or coach 
when they are faced with difficulties and health challenges. 
My path has led to the creation of Blissfully U - 
a means through which to share my knowledge, experience and coaching skills 
with other professionals, moms, entrepreneurs, athletes through my Blissful Habits Course. 

If you struggle with health or relationship issues despite your best efforts, you’re in the right place! 
Join my dynamic group of women on the same growth journey!
I am here to guide and mentor you to your full potential in living a radiant life 
full of vibrant health, purpose, wellness, and bliss!