One to One Coaching

One to One Body Coaching

Have you ever considered hiring a coach to walk you through 
body maintenance? 
We don't get a manual to learn this stuff!
We've been cultured out of self care.

We really should come with an operators manual. 
(Hint: Ayurveda is a self care manual).
We generally suck at it. (in my opinion)
Why? Lets dive in a bit deeper. 

We obtain an operating manual for our pricey vehicle, which most of us follow diligently as we want it to last a long time. 

So, why not an operating manual for our body? We only get this one trade ins on this round, although we can get various body parts when we fail at maintenance!  This body has to last a lifetime. Do you desire yours to run like a fine tuned machine, or like an abused old beater car? 😅  
We enter this life without body knowledge, and in our current state, we've all but lost that innate knowledge and ability to care for and heal our body!

I've got great news! 
It's never too late to learn and shift the trajectory from a slow and steady decline in health, which most of us in the Western world have accepted as the way it is, to a vibrant and active 90 yr old. There is a better way, and science is starting to prove what the ancient Ayurvedic practices have known and followed for thousands of years. If you don't believe this, google Ayurveda, and learn more. 
Go ahead, right now.

I'm here to share with you how we can change the direction of our health, and heal most of what ails us, if we have the desire to learn to shift a few habits. If you don't have the desire, then you're in the wrong place at this time.

It's actually not that difficult; it takes your desire, commitment and a bit of time daily to shift the habits you already have, from outdated habits and beliefs to body wisdom and a vibrant future. 
Don't think of it as adding more to an already busy day, think of efficiently shifting the habits you already have. The old outdated habits will naturally drop off. 

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One-to-one Ayurveda Wellness Counselling will help you understand your unique constitution, and apply that knowledge to achieve greater health through diet, plant nutrients and lifestyle habits, while cultivating mindfulness practices that work FOR YOU. This is a tailored for YOU plan, that is designed specifically to improve your health and wellness, and put vitality back into life. You'll also discover the best type of body movement for YOUR body (and it's likely not what you think it is), and in less time than you think, daily.

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Habit Tracker

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Habit Tracker

Simple Habits for Daily Ease

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