Make 2018 a memorable year!

Wow, it’s 2018! Where did the past year go?  It’s a question most of us ask ourselves as we transition into the new year. What have you done…or not done, that was on the ‘good intentions’ list in 2017? Started that exercise program, lost 5, 10 or 15 lbs, ate better/healthier, traveled more or learned to stress less.  Like many of us, the years pass, the good intentions get recycled, and not much changes, or if it does, it’s not long lived. We typically fall back into the old engrained automated habits.

Are you a goal setter, and if so, What are your goals for 2018? When it comes to goal setting, we also have to factor in motivation. I’ve read from numerous sources that motivation alone will not sustain us in the quest for change; nor does will power, for that matter. We have all experienced that at some point in our lives! So what does get results, you may be wondering. The key is habit change. If we consider that all of what we do day by day is based on learned (or occasionally enforced) habits, we will recognize that changing our habits is the most effective way to create change in our future…and to accomplish real results over the long haul!

So, let’s rephrase the question; What habits would you like to change in 2018 to change your outcomes? I have always loved and strived to follow the saying ‘start with the end in mind’. By looking to your future self, what’s your vision of you? Healthier, lighter, more joy, less stress, or…? Once you create that future vision of you, it is much easier to implement a few habits to reach those goals, rather than just mustering up the motivation for a month or so to try and attain the goals, and quickly falling out of integrity with yourself.  We all inevitably end up doing this at some point.

Make sense, so far? It comes down to making a commitment to a few new routines that will develop into habits …long term lifestyle change that lasts past February of any given year! That lifestyle change will ONLY happen if some new habits are formed and followed using some fairly simple habit change guidelines.  Motivation just does not have lasting power! Motivation is a good kick starter…then our daily habits take over for the long game.

Habits are not conscious decisions; but rather are automatic routines.  Once a  new routine becomes automatic…it becomes a habit.’

For an example, I could decide to get a gym membership and lose 10 lbs this year. I pay for it, thinking it will motivate me to get myself there, and I might, for a week, two or three. Then I may have an excuse not to go one day, then another, and before I know it I’ve fallen right back into the old automated routines. Sound familiar?

Are you ready to make 2018 the year you commit to an Identity shift through making a few habit changes? Wanting to become a healthier, more energetic you…age more gracefully? Start out by spending a few minutes visualizing you in the future, 10 or 20 years out…what will you become if you stay the current course? Now think about what you could become with a few healthy habit choices? With our current health care system that does not appear to be assisting us (especially our elderly) in thriving as a healthy nation, what will you choose to aim for in your future?

On a personal note, I have always had the end in mind…stay as healthy as possible, so I hopefully won’t need to rely on the health care system, or anyone, for quite some time.  To date, I feel very grateful to have found ways and means to maintain my health thus far, and am now driven to share and teach others who are committed to same. The next session of Bliss Body starts mid February. Are you ready to commit to a vibrant, energetic and blissful version of you? As I sit here in Mexico reflecting on the past year, I am in awe at what has transpired throughout 2017, much of which I can attribute to a few key habit changes. I can hardly wait to see what 2018 will bring, for me, and for you! Are you ready?

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