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Are you exhausted? 
Experiencing brain fog?
Weight gain?
Running on empty, day after day?
Emotionally drained?
Relationally drained?
Lacking lustre?

I understand! I was there.
Will you allow me to walk along side you and transform your life?

Are you realizing you can't keep up this pace without serious consequences on your body;
or worse, already developing health issues?
Failing relationships...

What would you give for the solution to finding ease in your day?

Can you remember a time when you had boundless energy, 
your mind was sharp, 
you had a bounce in your step, 
and you glowed radiantly?

Blissful Habits is your solution! 
The habits will take you back to that time, 
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!
You will get through the day with clarity and ease!

It's a powerful year long program conducted over four 10 week sessions, 
to develop habits for a healthy and energetic body, 
a vibrant mind, and an ease-ful life.
 for you - and your family
from this year forward

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Next round starting September, 2024
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Katie Crockett

Mom of 1 yr old twins, wife of  farmer, Physiotherapist.

Katie's experience:

This last year has done a number on my energy levels and led to the development of some bad habits to try find little boosts of energy to get through my days: relying on sugar and caffeine, not eating regularly or making the healthiest choices, etc. (See image!) 
As I approached the boys’ one year birthday, I decided to take the course "Blissful Habits" through a health coach. It was amazing and has helped me so much. By focusing on 10 key habits, I was able to get through the days with more energy, and sleep better. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make some big (or small) changes in their life to feel like you are thriving vs dragging yourself through every day! Contact my coach, Debbie Johnson, if you are interested in getting in on her next online course.
10 Habits This Program Will Teach You

  • Why earlier, lighter dinners make sense to your body
  • Why you should listen to your body clock and go to bed by 10 PM
  • How to start your day energized, with a purposeful morning routine
  • How to integrate your morning workout with the intelligence of the breathe 
  • The pleasure derived from integrating a locally sourced, plant-based diet
  • why self-massage is beneficial to your well being
  • How to properly sit in silence
  • Healthy eating guidelines that will leave you feeling nourished and fulfilled
  • Practices for maintaining the acuity of your senses
  • How to create ease and spaciousness instead of stress and constriction

Evolving your habits doesn’t have to be difficult. In the Blissful Habits course, 
wellness expert Debbie Johnson will guide you through 10 critical daily routines based on Ayurvedic Wisdom. Updated habits that will rejuvenate you and create more time in your day, 
by aligning your daily schedule to natural biorhythms. 
The program encourages ease and steady progress through small deliberate actions, which, over time, create huge shifts in your health and well-being.