Spring Detox

10, 2024

Make this your most delightful cleanse yet! Spring is a perfect time to enrol in the  cleanse, both internal and external. Join us for the seasonal detox and boost your immune system before summer sets in. Get your rhythm and flow back on track!

There's never been a better time than now to Detox your body. 

Drink warm water with lemons throughout each day.

Diet of plant based meals.

Boost your immunity.

Plan for Spring

 Detox Season!

We start April 10th.

Get ready for a Detox

It’s detox season! Spring is a great time to hit the reset button and assess what we’re feeding our physical and emotional bodies. It’s a time to cleanse the system and focus on self-care habits as we shed winter and ease into summer. I'm so ready to step into detox; reset my habits, boost my energy and immunity. Are you curious to see which symptoms could disappear with detoxing?

It’s particularly important to give ourselves a good cleanse before summer. Detoxing the Ayurvedic way can help us reduce inflammation and decrease the stress on our bodies, which will energize us, allow us to feel fit and strong in time for summer!

Why detox?  

Detoxing is a natural bodily process that is optimized when we eat an early lighter dinner, fast for 13 or more hours after dinner, rest a little more, and get a good night's sleep. Most of us know this, yet don’t make time for it.

Life has shifted a lot! Some of us still work from home. For many, this means unlimited access to the kitchen. Rather than giving our body time to digest, it’s easy to fall into the habit of snacking throughout the day, overlapping meals and snacks in a way that gives our GI tract quite the workout. 

A lot of energy goes into processing all that food, so the body has less time to focus on healing. As a culture, we generally over consume what our body requires to thrive. We’re also consuming more processed food than ever. This wreaks additional havoc on our digestive system! When we combine this with more screen time, a lack of movement throughout the day, our bodies’ functions (including digestion) are slowed down and we feel heavy.  

If you’re feeling sluggish even after a huge morning dose of caffeine, are experiencing brain fog, or you’re simply not feeling vibrant, your body is begging for a detox. 

A detox will flush your digestive system, and restore it back to a robust processor of waste and toxins. It will boost your immunity. It will clear the brain fog. You will have more energy throughout the day, and begin to hone your intuition. Let go of the chaos of modern living and get back to your deeper self. Are you in
You don't have to do any prep to be ready! Just show up.

Throughout this three week detox, we will discuss which type of detox will work best for your body type, how to create a clutter-free kitchen and plan/prepare meals with ease, and how to best de-clutter your external space (home) alongside your internal (body) cleanse. You will learn a few simple self-care habits that will shift your trajectory to a healthier you. These are habits that you can build and adopt for life - the habits that I teach in my full 10-week habit change course.

You will learn:
  • Which detox choice is right for you, and why it’s important to flush unprocessed food (ama) from the body. We'll touch on intermittent fasting too.
  • How to slow down and sit in silence in order to rest and digest, not just food, also our thoughts and emotions.
  • Why a cleanse is so important for boosting resiliency and reversing chronic inflamation.

When you sign up, you’ll also receive a detox recipe book, tip sheets for planning and tracking your detox, and key tips for making changes within your home to support your success in the detox journey. You will have the support of the group on our private Facebook page. You will have the opportunity to receive coaching during our live calls, or one private session within the 3 weeks.  Reap the benefits and support of our group of detoxers. You're never in it alone. 
We start April. 10th, 2024
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           Detox starts >>> April 10, 2024