What's your poor health costing you?

Have you ever tracked how much you spend on vehicle maintenance? According to Investopedia, the average annual cost of keeping a car on the road in North America is $9,500. If your car is paid for, you're down to $5,500. This includes gas, oil, maintenance, insurance. We invest heavily in taking great care of our machines, and rightly so; we want them to last us as long as possible, and in good working order! 

How about the cost of your morning drive through coffee shop? On average, we spend $1,000 annually on take out coffee. To calculate your personal cost of this habit go to the latte factor calc here...
I won't get into the cost of wine/spirits just yet. ;) 

What about the annual membership to the gym, that you may or may not use regularly? Depending on your choice of fitness center, yoga studio, or other sport, it typically rings in at no less than $1,200 annually. Although this is a healthy choice, we're still missing the mark on full health and wellness. (More on this point in a future blog).

What I am really curious about is how much are you willing to spend on learning to take great care of your own body; the one thing that has to last a century, give or take a decade, where we are bombarded with an abundance of information, and much of it conflicting, on how to feed and care for your body in all realms. (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

It's apparent that what we are being fed isn't serving us well; the information, the food, the soulful info, the habits or the social norms we now follow...not working! Look at the stats on disease: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, out of control. This also contributes to family breakdown, and loss of faith. Not working! 

Studies are confirming that much of this is due to our lifestyle; poor food choices, exercise choices, lack of sleep, lack of spirituality, and currently acceptable  social norms (late meals, late nights, alcohol consumption, etc). Not to say that we shouldn't enjoy life, but when it hugely affects our health and general wellness, it's a good time to examine the role our habits and beliefs are having on our health. Agree? 

Last question today is how much are you willing to invest on the one and only vessel you were given for this lifetime? This fine tuned miraculous machine we are blessed with, the one we often abuse with what we put in it and on it, physically, mentally and spiritually!? Would you be willing to commit to a one time year long investment that was less than many of our recurring annual costs that are actually harming you? An investment that would teach you how to care for your body, using proven ancient wisdom that honours the incredible piece of machinery it is. 

The Blissful Habits program is designed to get to the root of our habits and limiting beliefs about how our body functions, and what our role on this earth is. Are you fed up with all the choices and trying every fad that passes, without long term success? Take a look at the course! One of the reasons for its success is that it teaches behavioral change while implementing new habits, ones that support you throughout life. 
If I've piqued your interest, let's talk now. Get in on the next round of the program, starting in January. Apply now to determine if my program is a good fit for you. Not everyone is ready for the full program; I also offer choices to get you prepped for the year long habit change program. 

I look forward to talking with you! 
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