Why the name Bliss Body?

Why the name Bliss Body?

I’ve been asked this question several times. In yoga, we recognize  that the body consists of layers of energy fields, called the koshas (or sheaths). They are nested together like an intricate web of pure intelligence, when functioning optimally. There are 5 koshas:   Anamaya kosha (physical body); Pranamaya kosha (energy body); Manomaya kosha (mental body); Vijnanamaya kosha (intuitive body); and Anandamaya kosha (blissful body). Each level is subtler than the previous. For a brief article on the koshas, click here

Anamaya kosha, the physical body, is where we experience the physical sensations of the body. This is the material body built from the food we eat. It is the densest part of us and comprises of matter as we know it. 
Pranamaya kosha, the energy body, is our vital force energy. Our breath fuels the energy body; holds the physical matter together and governs our biological processes. It regulates the movement of energy through the energy centers (chakras) and energy channels.
Manomaya kosha, the mental body, is the part of our being that guides our senses and reflexes by governing our motor and sensory activities. The senses are intricately linked through thoughts, to the limbic brain - and our feelings and emotions. 
Vijnanamaya kosha, is the intuitive body or intellect - our higher thinking, free will, and conscience. It guides how we react to the world around us and make choices. 
Anandamaya kosha, Bliss Body, is defined as spiritual bliss. It is the finest, thinnest veil between ordinary awareness and our highest self, or the True Self.

What do these layers of energy fields have to do with how we live and perceive the world, and bliss? Well, simply everything. When we witness the world from the knowledge of the koshas and our lives are in balance, when we live moment by moment and our daily habits support the energy fields in positive ways, we have a good ‘vibe’. When this is so, we stay relatively healthful, in all areas; what us westerners like to call being in balance. We are physically fit, emotionally stable, mentally on top of our game, and spiritually ‘blissed’. Sounds great! And easy to achieve! Maybe a few hundred years ago, but in today’s fast paced, overstimulated world, this is certainly not the norm we know. Those who are living conscientiously, awake, on purpose in life, seem to be living the life described above, free from pain and suffering. Unfortunately, this is not today’s norm.  

We are living in a dis-ease ridden society. Take stock of those near and dear to you. Nearly everyone I speak to has, or is closely connected to someone who is suffering from one or more form of imbalance, whether it’s related to emotional blocks (psychological), autoimmune disorders (of which there are over 80 last count), disease (mainly cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or respiratory diseases), . This is related to all ages! We are a nation in dire need of healing, on many levels, beyond just the physical level.

This is not groundbreaking news.So what do we do with this information? How to start educating the general population? How do we learn to make wiser choices? We are inundated by popular culture norms, which are largely fueled by those in power (politics, large corps), social media, TV, and blindly followed by the masses. Most of us don’t have the time or the energy to slow down and evaluate what’s going on, let alone decipher how our environment, food choices, and stress are affecting our well being. Until we become ‘awake’, start to take back the power of our own thoughts, decipher the massive plethora of information available by the www, and use it to our advantage, we will continue down this spiral of pain and suffering.  

Back to the name, Bliss Body.  

The Bliss Body program is based on this body of knowledge, which I have studied my entire adult life. It’s based on my observations of the world, my personal bio-hacking and, ultimately, my perceptions of what’s working and, particularly, what’s not working. It is based on habits that keep us healthy, happy, and striving for a blissful life, daily. It is based on the behavioral science of habit evolution. It is based on current, cutting edge science which, coincidentally, according to my research, is the 21st century version of the thousands of years old Yogi/Ayurvedic knowledge. Old knowledge repackaged as new research. Fascinating! And clearly still quite effective.!

Through the Bliss Body program, you will learn about the habits of the ancient science of Ayurveda (you don’t have to be a yogi). You will, over the period of the course, make subtle and lasting habit changes. You will learn about circadian rhythms, and why it makes good sense to follow your body’s rhythms, daily, seasonally, and throughout the life cycle. You will shift your identity. You will be supported by a dynamic group of individuals who have similar desires. You will, over time, get in touch with the energy layers of your body, the koshas. You will find your Bliss Body…and ultimately live a long and vibrant, blissful life. Well into your senior years!

This is how the course name ‘Bliss Body’ came to be. Who wouldn’t want this?

If this piqued your interest and sounds like something you would like to venture into, to experiment with, for yourself, your family, your tribe, please contact me. We’ll chat. Maybe it’s what you’re ready for, maybe not. No worries. If not, there are still surely a few nuggets of information you can glean from a conversation that will start to shift your trajectory to a more healthful version of you. It’s a win-win endeavor, no matter how you slice it and dice it. 

You can contact me through my website, or email me directly at debbie@blissfullyu.ca

In light and love,


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