Essential Oils

What I love about Essential OIls

One of my favourite things about using essential oils is the myraid of blends one can use daily, tailored to desired outcome, whether its for the scent, the properties the oil shares for the benefit of the body, or any other use, Every day is a fresh new scent. I've discovered over time that my body naturally gravitates to certain oils based on given needs of the day. Some days it's for grounding, getting settled in and back in touch with the earth, or its to boost my energy level as we enter into fall, or to help my emotional state, there's an oil for every state of the body, mind, senses. 

 Contact me for a consultation, and We'll explore the oils together along with any areas you're working on (be it physical or mental health concerns) and come up with a tailored plan for you. 

I look forward to seeing you soon!.  :) 

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